Kreativhaus K40 – Cultural Center of the schönherr.fabrik

We are looking for people with innovative and unique creative concepts for artisitic and cultural projects and ideas to realize in our one off a kind surroundings.

The K40 is a reinforced concrete construction building right in the heart of the schönherr.fabrik with 6000m2 of available space spread over 4 floors. Previously the space was used during GDR times for product completion work and apprenticeship training the factory.

Ten years ago it become the creative hub and residence for numerous talented artists.
Hartmut Leimcke
Kulturhaus K40
Bernhardt Schloß
Inspired by the need for creative space for local artists which was debated in the local news we took the initiative to provide the space. The artists took over part of the house and brought back new life into the building.

Painter, ceramist, wood designers, musicians, photographs, curators and many more are creating a great vibrant atmosphere on the premises.
Steffen Geißler im K40
The existing creative potential is already promoted and used more intensely to revive the entire House in the long term. All flours should be revitalized in 2017/18 with collaborators: handicraft and additional galleries and artists.

Many inspirations are incorporated to create something great. Numerous ideas are already developed such as the creation of a “urban garden”.
Livemusik zur Museumsnacht im K40
To realize the project the existing building structure must be maintained and secured as well as the development measures so that the usage in the summer and winter months is made possible.

The actions include:

- renewal of roof covering
- repairing of windows and partial renewa
- creating of infrastructure (i.e. electric, heating, sanitary,…)
- creation of fire escape
- rehabilitate building on ground levels

However it is important that throughout the project the charm of the “of factory” does not get lost. Therefore a gentle approach will be used.
Kulturhaus K40

Images of Kreativhaus K40

Die schönherr-gruppe

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